Shaping the Future of Africa

We are people with passion driven by love for innovation. supporting entrepreneurs and businesses. Hooking up with great talents and driving growth across emerging and new markets.


iberry has a non conventional approach to its existence as a corporate organization. We understand our core goals and develop strategic approach to achieving them.


We Bring in Team Members. We don’t Hire Staffs – We are always on the lookout for great minds and talents to forge our team built on strong core values and goals.


We are non conventional. – Starting from renaming our C.E.O title to growth strategist. We understand the uniqueness of our existence and strive to always stay ahead in innovation.

Planning for the future – Our existence is always about the future. We exist as a research in motion organization. We innovate with speed, exploring and developing new ideas.


Make Africa the world focus.


Shaping the africa’s future by Connecting top talents, ideas and investors to build amazing things.

Investors Confidence

Forge and nurture a goal oriented investors network, while maximizing investment return alongside our core value.